Portfolio: Featured Projects


The challenge for this door reader management software was to take an existing proof-of-concept site and turn it into a sleek modern UI; using expert reviews, prototypes and a new visual design to keep the project on the fast track for critical tradeshows and product announcements.


Tablet friendly UI and visual design created for this complex mapping and management software for arborists and supporting industries. Work included usability testing, wireframe/prototyping, visual design and documentation.


Visual design work for this 30 million dollar e-discovery software and services firm. Highlights include designing their flagship product, releasing a updated global identity, and launching new markets in Asia.


Responsive UI/UX design—including usability testing, wireframe/prototyping, visual design and documentation—for this high performance computing software and services company. Designs needed to work across various company products and be optimized for tablets and efficient deployment.

Additional Work

We work with a variety of sizes of clients—from large corporations such as IBM, Qualcomm, and Comcast—to startups and non-profits.

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